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We reckon how important it is for you to reach all your international destinations via a single service provider with capacity to respond flexibly.

Freight and plane transportation

We have a national network and international delivery expertise to provide the high-level support required by corporate businesses


Whether you're sending across town or across the country, LAST MINUTE CARGO is here to serve you. LAST MINUTE CARGO offers delivery to the door to virtually every address world wide.

We are proud to deliver
parcels since 1896

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Pricing and plans

By means of iDeal and Bank Transfer you can easily pay. After payment you receive digitally your bill and confirmation by e-mail. You can also view these at at any time

Weights table

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Our staff/Delivery Man

Our staffs/deliveryman are well trained and have never recorded failure in any of our operations, You will be glad when you meet with them and you will be glad you did.

Customs Clearance

The act of passing goods through customs so that they can enter or leave the country. a document given by customs to a shipper to show that customs duty has been paid and the goods can be shipped or deliver to your door step.

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